Libra weekly horoscope for january 6 2020

The year of the Earth Pig is similarly positive. Good luck and good times are to be expected. Then again, like a Jupiter transit, you can have too much of a good thing, and excess can lead to loss of control and ultimately collapse. Trade is going to be an important issue for Technically, Jupiter should preside over some monster trade deals, however, this same influence can inspire trade wars, and we can already see this potential developing between the US and China.

And regardless how Great Britain and Europe end their relationship, trade will suffer in the wake of it. Since August a series of eclipses has occurred in Leo or Aquarius, which is why, if you belong to these two signs you have had such an up and down time of it. This eclipse series has a distinctly royal aura to it, especially regarding the British Crown, being in play during the toppling of the English monarchy in But with one eclipse yet to come 21 January there could be much, much more to the royal story before the end of In a nutshell, is a year to make the most of everything we have and everything that comes to us.

It is also a year that we should liken to autumn: a beautiful season but one that precedes winter; and in keeping with nature, we should store our resources in preparation for a lean and mean period. Librans are some of the most positive people in the zodiac but your optimism may have suffered since Saturn began its journey across the base of your solar chart December , although this planet is in fact helping make your mark. Some of you may be able to put down firm roots in , yet there is also a trend for family and property issues, which can be avoided by focusing on the practical aspects of the situation, not the emotional.

The eclipses of the year straddle the axis of life-direction, so some Librans will see big changes in their career; others will find the home front the focus for landmark developments.

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July and December are important in this regard. This is one of the best times to make life-changing decisions whether you reach them all by yourself or events come out of left field and inspire them. And it is a good thing. A partner will either wise up and change because he or she loves you deeply or you will be able to leave free from guilt.

Key periods for romance and relationships are to be found in mid-July, late September and mid-October. July has a similar push-comes-to-shove aura about it, although you have less control of your destiny.

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Safeguards you put in place in will prove wise; likewise, projects begun and financial agreements made last year should go from strength to strength. Make sure to enjoy this year and to take advantage of the year. January is a good time to take it easy and plan well for the future.

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February is a favorable period for the Librans to start new ventures. March will be the time when issues will affect your mind and upset you. April is the period when you need to balance your thoughts and actions. May will be a month when your extra energy will be put to good use.

LIBRA Horoscope 12222 – Planetary Transit:

June will be an average month when things will move at a normal pace. July will be a slow month when many things will not work in your favor making you question yourself. August is not the right time to take a stand against issues that are troubling you. September is an excellent period to fall in love or get married.

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October is favorable for business and new relationships. December is a great time for you to spend time with your loved ones. Libra horoscope asks you to enjoy your time at work, alone, with your family, and with your other loved ones. Your email address will not be published. Share Facebook Twitter Pinterest. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

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Moreover, the misunderstanding or conflict with a friend will be settled gradually and this year will be good for you to make interpersonal communication. If you are frustrated in a relationship, you will let it go, find the direction of life and start a good life. Health Health will be steady and free from big changes for you Roosters of The reasonable diet and appropriate exercise will further improve your health. In addition, you will stay away from illness and look good as long as you keep regular hours. In the year, you may try more outdoor activities to boost the immune system, relieve life stress and stay young.

You can click the link to buy one. Governed by the inauspicious stars, you will be in bad relationship with coworkers, friends and family. As a result, you are suggested to restrain your temper and be friendly to others to prevent a lot of trouble. In career, you may find almost no chance to make a big breakthrough and even encounter many thorny problems to be solved painstakingly. Interpersonal relationship can be very poor for Rooster people of and your working relationship can be stormy because of some trifles.

You are suggested to build a good relationship with your colleagues and try to maintain harmony on the surface even if your dislike someone. In addition, you may sometimes feel exhausted and powerless at work, and make mistakes though you want to do well, for which you need to locate the root cause and solve the problem in time. Related Reading:. What's Your Lucky Number?